Consult a medical team online, in the comfort of your home.

Dermatology, dermago style

Acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, hair loss, sunspots, eyelash loss and wrinkles can all be evaluated and treated virtually.

No referral from a family physician is required.

How do consultations at Dermago work?

  1. Start by submitting your request by filling out the consultation form and including your medical history and symptoms.  

  2. Attach pictures of your condition. Pictures should be well lit and of good quality.

  3. Choose the time frame that works best for you.

  4. Your request will be securely transmitted to our dermatology team and you will receive an initial response within the time frame of your plan. The fee includes diagnosis, medical support via courier, treatment plan and prescription.

  5. The dermatologist or a dermatology nurse will review your request and photos to make a diagnosis. You will receive your diagnosis and treatment plan directly on the Dermago platform.

  6. Once you accept your treatment plan, your prescription will be sent directly to the pharmacy of your choice to be picked up.  If you prefer, you can also request that the prescription be delivered directly to your door at no extra charge. 

Men on phone using dermago Woman using dermago on her phone
Women using dermago on computer Woman using a phone to consult a dermatologist

Choose the plan that suits you best

Nurse Practitioner Consultation*


Practitioner in charge of the consultation

Nurse practitioner specialized in dermatology

Service delay

Less than 72h

Recommended plan for

A minor skin problem, a follow-up or a refill


Secured messaging

Follow up of my patient file

At all time

Type of diagnosis

Clear with a prescription for a treatment plan

Dermatologist consultation


Practitioner in charge of the consultation

Certified Dermatologist

Service delay

Less than 24h

Recommended plan for

More serious conditions requiring prompt treatment


Secured messaging

Follow up of my patient file

At all time

Type of diagnosis

Clear with a prescription for a treatment plan

1. All diagnosis and treatment plans are supervised by a dermatologist
2. This plan is available in Quebec only

How do you complete your request?

Women using dermago on computer

Create your file

Complete the online form at your convenience. Please be specific in your answers so that the team has all the necessary information.

Send your photos

Use quality photos. Pictures of your skin condition to be treated should be clear and well-lit.

Adult acne
Adult acne
Woman using a phone to consult a dermatologist

Ask your questions

Use our secure messaging system to communicate directly and privately with the medical team.

How will you get your diagnosis and treatment?

Begin your treatment

Your prescription will be sent directly to your pharmacy. The pharmacist will contact you when it is ready. All you have to do is pick up your treatment and start it according to the medical team's recommendations.

That's it, it's done!

Some details about the service

The limits of teledermatology

Some conditions may require a procedure and a physical examination. An in-person consultation is preferred for the following conditions:

  • Moles

  • Treatment for skin cancer

  • Use of liquid nitrogen


Your record allows us to get to know you better and thus best guide the management of your skin condition. Your file will be kept for 5 years as required by the College of Physicians. Your personal information will be stored and protected in a vault to the highest standards of HIPAA, PIPEDA and GDPR Internet security under SSL V3.

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What does your consultation includes

Each consultation includes: downloading information and photos about the skin condition to be evaluated, messaging access to the medical team, a diagnostic evaluation, and a prescription sent directly to the pharmacy, if applicable. Payment methods are VISA or Mastercard.

Insurance receipt and health card

Your health insurance card is the most reliable ID to prove your identity and ensure that you are a Canadian resident. Dermago issues eligible receipts for most insurance companies. This receipt is available within your file and is also sent to your account email.

The people behind the service

Our team is comprised of certified dermatologists at your service, available across the country from Vancouver to Moncton, Toronto and Quebec. All discussions with our medical team are via our secure messaging service.

Dre Emilie Bourgeault, dermago's dermatologist
Dr Marc-André Doré, dermago's founder and dermatologist

Your skin problem is our priority

Our team is there for you

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Choose your consultation timeline

Nurse Practitioner Consultation*

Obtain an answer within 3 days


Recommended plan for a minor skin problem, follow-up or renewal

Dermatologist consultation

Obtain an answer within 24h


Recommended plan for more serious conditions requiring urgent treatment

Start your consultation and then choose the plan that suits you best.