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Skin rejuvenation

Don’t let your appearance betray your age. Eyelash loss, wrinkles and sunspots are skin problems that occur throughout the aging process but may develop prematurely. 

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About skin rejuvenation

Causes of premature skin ageing

Time, genetic predisposition, hormonal changes, sun exposure, pollution, sleep habits, diet, stress and many other factors can affect the appearance of your skin, making it look less healthy, smooth and toned than you would like.

Impact on daily life

The way we perceive ourselves can make a huge difference in how we experience the passage of time. The more positive your attitude towards ageing, the better you will feel, both mentally and physically.

Here is how dermago can treat aging skin

Erase the impact of years on your face and show everyone how young you feel!

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    Fine lines and wrinkles

    Vitamin A Cream

    Topical treatments, vitamin A cream 0.025% or more, under prescription, applied on wrinkles.

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    Pigmentation spots

    HQ4% Cream

    A cream with a high concentration of HQ4% or more to be applied once or twice a day directly on the stains for approximately six months.

  3. Lengthen and replenish the lashes

    Latisse Serum

    A specific serum to be applied every night. A single drop at the base of the lashes is enough to stimulate growth.

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Some prescription treatments can help with fine lines, sparse lashes, uneven pigmentation and other imperfections.

What is skin aging?

Sun exposure to UVA and UVB rays leads to a loss of collagen fibers. This results in the premature aging of the skin, the formation of deep wrinkles and sagging of the skin.

Clinical signs of skin aging

Photoaging is caused by years of exposure to ultraviolet A and B rays. Premature aging of the skin and the formation of deep wrinkles are due to years of direct sun exposure. While UVB is the main culprit in the formation of skin cancer, UVA is the main culprit in premature aging of the skin.

Skin sagging, the formation of deep wrinkles, the deepening of expression lines (nasolabial folds) as well as expression lines are due to photoaging. The formation of pigmented lesions is also due to years of direct sun exposure. Skin texture also tends to become rougher.

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