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Faster access to better care

Pioneers of asynchronous medicine technologies adapted to teledermatology, we define the future of healthcare by setting new standards of quality and innovation in patient care.

Dermago's mission

Given advances in technology and the increased reliability of smartphones, asynchronous medicine allows for exchanging information without the constraint of planning a virtual or physical session. This gives patients and physicians more control over their visits. This approach to consultation is patient-centred, focusing on the essence of the interaction, regardless of time and place, allowing for rapid, precise and accurate diagnosis.

Woman using dermago on her phone
Women using dermago on computer

Our values

What we care about

  1. Universal access

    The use of everyday technologies such as smartphones and the Internet allows interaction between the physician and the patient without geographical or linguistic limitations.

  2. Provide care quickly

    Remote and asynchronous consultation allows both patients and physicians to eliminate coordination delays in their respective schedules.

  3. Ease of use

    The consultation and follow-up experience is configured with a high degree of efficiency, speed and simplicity.

  4. Ensure the security of digital data

    An encrypted vault with the highest security standards ensures the protection of our users and their personal data.

The dermago promise

Dermago medical team work together to provide the care you need. They use a range of state-of-the-art tools that allow them to identify and treat skin conditions online. Their professionalism and speed of treatment facilitate the relief of thousands of patients.

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