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Dre Emilie Bourgeault


Dr. Bourgeault obtained her Bachelor of Science degree from McGill University before returning to Ontario to study at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. In 2011, she received her Doctorate in Medicine. She then moved to Quebec City to pursue a 5-year specialization in dermatology at Laval University.

Dr. Bourgeault is involved and shares her knowledge on blogs such as Maman pour la vie as well as with Marie Fortier, the baby specialist.

Dre Emilie Bourgeault, dermago's dermatologist
Dr Marc-André Doré, dermago's founder and dermatologist

Dr. Marc-André Doré


Dr. Doré obtained his Doctorate in Medicine from Laval University in 2010. He continued his studies at the same institution to specialize in dermatology.

He started as a hospital dermatologist at the Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis and is currently practicing private medical and aesthetic dermatology at Cliniques Médicales Lacroix.

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