How to create a summer skincare routine

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Creating a summer skincare routine doesn’t require a complete overhaul. Instead, it’s all about making the right tweaks to keep your skin looking and feeling good. Keep reading to learn how to take care of your skin in the summer.

Get glowing skin in the summer

Dreaming of glowing summer skin? Don’t let sweat and sunburn get in the way. The key is avoiding heavier products while still keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized.

Some of your star ingredients for the season will be:

  1. Hyaluronic acid

    This popular ingredient helps the skin retain water and is great for sensitive skin. Hyaluronic acid can be found in many hydrating lightweight serums. Try a hyaluronic serum under your moisturizer for a summer-friendly solution to dry skin. It’ll also keep your skin looking fresh and plump.

  2. Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is well loved for its ability to stimulate collagen and brighten the skin. It also helps combat hyperpigmentation or dark spots, which can help with certain types of sun damage. But of course, nothing beats wearing sunscreen and avoiding too much sun exposure to prevent those dark spots in the first place.

  3. Zinc oxide 

    If you prefer mineral sunscreen over chemical sunscreen, you’ll run into this ingredient which acts as a physical barrier against UVA and UVB rays.

  4. AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids)

    Exfoliating isn’t just for the winter months. But during the summer, you can dial it back a little. Chemical exfoliants with AHAs are effective yet gentle and won’t dry your skin out. 

Building your summer skincare routine

Looking to avoid breakouts and minimize sun damage all summer long? With summer weather comes humidity. So it’s best to switch to lighter skincare formulas. Here are some tips for your summer skincare routine.

Cleansers that feel refreshing

If you’ve been using an oil cleanser or cleansing balm, you might want to try a gentle foaming cleanser instead. After a long, sweaty day you can wash off all that dirt, debris, and sunscreen and feel light and refreshed.

This isn’t the most crucial part of your routine to change as your cleanser isn’t on your skin for very long. But the feeling of the cleanser still makes a difference by offering relief on the hottest days.

Remember to wear sunscreen

This shouldn’t be anything new to your skincare routine. Sunscreen is a necessity year-round.

Whether chemical or mineral sunscreen, go for broad-spectrum protection and at least SPF 30. Be sure to apply sunscreen to all of your exposed skin. Don’t forget the backs of your hands and your ears.

Wearing lightweight makeup and less of it also makes it easier to reapply your sunscreen as needed throughout the day.

Be careful with chemical exfoliants

We love chemical exfoliants. They leave your skin smooth, glowing, and many of them (including lactic acid and mandelic acid) are suitable for sensitive skin.

Just be mindful of when you use them. If retinol was a staple of your routine over the winter, try using less or a lower concentration to protect your skin from sun damage. You can also opt for an AHA instead.

Carefully follow the directions on your skincare products. Some exfoliants should only be used at night since they make you photosensitive (or more susceptible to sun damage). You’ll also notice reminders to wear sunscreen when using these products. 

Stay hydrated

We all know how important it is to drink water on a hot day. You also need to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized during the hottest months of the year despite the humidity. Lightweight serums with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid work well for just that purpose.

Seal in your hydrating products with a light moisturizer that has a gel or lotion-like feel instead of a heavier cream consistency. Once you’ve got on your SPF, you’re good to go.

Follow these tips for your summer skincare routine, and your skin should be happy and healthy all summer long.

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