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Hair loss

Alopecia (hair loss) may occur after major surgery, after delivery, or due to other physical or psychological stress. It can also be attributed to underlying diseases that cause hormonal imbalance or to the use of certain drugs.

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About hair loss

Common causes

Some hair loss cases are part of the natural growth cycle – growth, rest, fall and regrowth. Hair loss can be temporary or permanent, depending on the cause.

Impact on daily life

People who lose their hair, both men and women, can experience depression, anxiety, social isolation, low self-esteem and poor self-image.

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Woman losing her hair woman suffering from hair loss after pregnancy

Hair loss treatments

With proper treatment and close follow-up, hair loss can be reduced!

  1. Topical treatment

    In foam or lotion applied 1 to 2 times per day.

  2. Oral medication

    Depending on the cause, different tablets to be taken continuously.

According to your diagnosis, our team of experts will recommend a treatment adapted to your condition.

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Hair loss : different types, different solutions

See what our patients have to say

« I started losing my hair after my son was born; I was afraid it wouldn’t grow back. I created my profile and uploaded some photos. Within hours the doctor had already identified the problem and sent the prescription to my pharmacy. Â»


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