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You can consult a certified dermatologist online and get both diagnosis & prescription in 72 hours for $179.99

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DermaGo is a service that is:
Quick – Secure – Affordable

Available everywhere in Canada.

You do not need a physician's referral.

DermaGo is a service that is:
Quick – Secure – Affordable

Available everywhere in Canada.

No need for a doctor's note.

Our dermatologists

Dr Lyne Giroux

Sudbury, Ontario

Dr Vanessa Cohen

Montreal, Quebec

Dr Marc-André Doré

Quebec, Quebec

Dr Emilie Bourgeault

Gatineau, Quebec

Dr Robert Solomon

Toronto, Ontario

Dr Bahman Sotoodian

Edmonton, Alberta

Dr Kyle Cullingham

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Dr Martin Leblanc

Moncton, Nouveau-Brunswick

If you are a dermatologist interested in joining our group, please contact us.

Our founding dermatologists

Dr Marc-André Doré

Dr. Doré obtained his Doctorate in Medicine from Laval University in 2010. He then completed a five-year specialization in dermatology.

He worked in a hospital environment at Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis before transitioning to a private dermatology & esthetics practice with Clinique Médical Lacroix. He also teaches dermatology residents at Laval University.

Dre Emilie Bourgeault

Dr. Bourgeault is a Franco-Ontarian who received her MD in Medicine from the Northern Ontario School of Medicine in 2011 after graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree from McGill University.

She then completed a five-year specialization in dermatology at Laval University. She currently practices dermatology in Gatineau at GTB Dermatologues clinic.

Jean-Philippe Doré

He is responsible for the strategic development and operations of DermaGO

The advantages of DermaGO


Easy access to a






Adapts to
your schedule

All of these advantages without leaving the comfort of your home.


I couldn’t believe how quickly I received a reply from a doctor! I created my profile and uploaded some pictures on a Sunday afternoon, and a couple hours later the doctor had already record the pictures, identified the issue, and issued a prescription! Amazing service, and sure beat waiting for an appointment with my family doctor only to be referred and wait even longer to see a dermatologist. I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you Dr Solomon and DermaGo!

— Patrick

I was extremely pleased with the service I received from your site, specifically by Dr. Solomon. He was extremely punctual, assessing my file and responding to my concerns within a few hours (your webite states within 72 hours). My diagnosis was accurate and the treatment he prescribed was simple & effective (especially after months of failed treatment from a previous dermatologist). He was quick to respond to my questions and concerns and faxed over a prescription the following day. I would highly recommend Dr. Solomon and Dermago as an alternative medical option. I will be definitely using your services again.


— Dominic

Why use DermaGO?

DermaGo allows you to communicate with a dermatologist in order to obtain a diagnosis and treatment.

And many

Studies support the notion that teledermatology is a great option.


Diagnoses are accurate


Patient satisfaction is maximized


Time lapse for treatment of the condition is decreased


Time and money is saved

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